Welcome to Bestcampsites.eu!
Join the society and benefit from a collection of rural stopovers. With a subscription you got access to hosts offering a 24 hrs stopover for motorhomes at their private property.

We provide stopovers in Norway, Netherlands and Belgium and we are constantly growing our host society.

Staying at one of our hosts will give you the opportunity to discover rural places and a more authentic experience than with regular camping. A majority of the hosts are found in the country side and you will have the luxury of being there alone or with only few other travelers.

The host society consists of privately run wineries, orchards, farms and local handcrafters. You will get the chance to meet and greet with the hosts and get a glimpse of their daily life.

Most of the hosts will have some kind of local produce to offer – often from a small shop. While there are no commitments, a purchase raises the experience and supports the host as member of the bestcampsites.eu society.

Here are a few examples of what you can envision for your next motorhome trip.

Stay at this local livestock breeding just next to the Fjord!
Where else will you get the chance to stay at an alpakka farm!